One day in May...

Ready for pictures? Cause I have lots of them today!

Starting with what I saw this morning -- Spike and his little buddy.


Then off we went to Wiscassett to meet my daughter and her husband for lunch. The idea was to give her the bread cookbook I forgot to take to her house several weeks ago. Did we remember the book? Of course we didn't! But here is good news -- she has a blog now -- Cooking Wench! Following in Mama's footsteps -- makes this old mom's heart proud. I'd post pictures I took at the restaurant but I didn't ask her if I could, so discretion is indeed the better part of valor. Trust me she is adorable and her husband isn't bad either.

We took some back roads home and happened upon a farm with Scottish Highland cattle.  




Between Lincolnville Beach and Northport (which is the next town south of Belfast) is Ducktrap. And where the Ducktrap River empties into the bay is a lovely little beach.


Like most baches in Maine, it is all stones.


Just past Ducktrap is Point Lookout, another of the facilities in the midcoast that we owe the former president of MBNA. It was a retreat/conference center and was bought a year or so ago by another company which ha opened its facilities to the public, including the road to the top of Point Lookout.

Where there are spectacular views of Penobscot Bay --



I have lived in Maine for most of he last 37 years. And I will never get tired of the land and the views here.

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