Peace in our time

At the end of Roscoe's first week with us, he seems pretty much to have conquered the household. The sound of thundering paws racing through the house comes several times a day as Spike chases him or he chases Spike. Moe, being older and more sedate, mostly watches these antics, but he gets in on the fun too. We got a cat condo this week and though they do not yet spend a lot of time on it, it is proving to be a great place for cat games --


Moe is even willing to share his chair with Roscoe. Note the now permanent bits of Moe's fur embedded in the blanket we keep on the chair -- I swear that cat has as his major life task the leaving of fur everywhere!


Spring really is here in earnest. I think we are safe in believing we won't be getting more snow this year. The days have been in the low 50sF -- sometimes even into the 60s -- though it is still pretty cold at night. And the wise gardener remembers that last frost is not for another 4 or 5 weeks. Still, the roses are starting to break bud and I saw yesterday that the hollyhocks have started to send up new leaves. Who knows, maybe they will even blossom this year?! And we have beautiful chives ready to use already. A couple of my mini-roses did not make it through the winter so I will be replacing them.  The grass on the Common is getting green so bit by bit the sere winter landscape is giving way to new life.

I was kidding myself to think that I would want to plunge into Aeolian again. I did a few rows on Friday in my knitting group but my heart wasn't in it. I need a break from those patterns for a bit. So, I am continuing with the Ostara --


And I picked up this one that I tarted a while back -- it combines the garland edge that Susan Pandorf used on one of her designs with a stitch pattern from one of the Japanese books I have. I have put beads in the place of bobbles. The yarn is one strand of cashmere/silk and a strand of silk, bit cobweb weight. It is deliciously soft and the color is really subtle.


I don't know what to call the design. I love the curving lines of the lace pattern. These Japanese patterns are a treat to my eyes.

And in the future, I have thoughts of knitting this -- Sharon Winsauer's Dragon of Happiness stole. I have that lovely gold silk and I got some garnet beads. Summer maybe for this one. I will want to make it longer and need to look closely at the pattern to see where and how.

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