Peacock Feathers

This adaptation of the Peacock Feathers pattern that I am working on is one of those that takes some fiddling before it looks right to me. I have frogged it twice, first to change to a smaller needle -- I am now using a 2.75mm instead of a 3.0mm because I like the stockinette bits to have some density. That small change did the trick. Then I decided that I did not like the first motif so I changed to going directly into the clear peacock feather motif. And both work. Here is what it looks like today:


The beads are a mixture of deep metallic green, purples, and golds. 

I got the idea for the colors from this feather ornament we use on our Christmas tree -- you can see in the peacock eye, the coppery color of the yarn and the colors of the beads.



I think I am going to like this a lot.

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