Pizza Night

Friday night is pizza night at our house, when it isn't soup night or let's get take out night. Frankly I get tired of pizza after a while and I never eat more than a couple of pieces anyway so pizza night is more my husband than me. Tonight was pizza night.

We have loads of luscious Maine shrimp we bought in the winter and froze to use all year. So we started with a bag of shrimp -- maybe a pound of them, shells on. After my husband peeled them, we let them marinate in some Newman's Own Caesar dressing -- not the creamy kind. Then he sauteed some onions in butter. We use whole wheat pizza crust dough that we get from the supermarket, because it is quite good. So he shaped the crust into the pan and then we spread more Caesar dressing, this time the creamy kind, on the crust. Next came the onions and shrimp, anchovies -- because we both love them -- and parmesan cheese. I think Neal used a little too much of the cream dressing, so it wasn't as pretty as we might wish, but oh, did it taste great!


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