Plus Ça Change...

Nine years ago I decided to leave Maine to go to Michigan to live with the man I am now married to. It was a big deal to do this and I fretted about it for quite a while before committing to it. The biggest hurdle was figuring out how, with working on my doctorate and moving, I would be able to continue to support myself. Part of the problem was solved when about half of the patients I was working with decided to move with me, i.e. continue our work by telephone. Then I learned of an opening at for a part-time community manager. I applied and got the contract. I started there in January of 2001. Being able to supplement my income that way enabled me to make the move, to finish graduate school on time, and then to move back to Maine and begin work to again to establish a practice here. The work was interesting, easy for me and just enough of a challenge for me to feel it worth continuing to do.

All good things come to an end. In January 2008, Fox bought Beliefnet and the changes began. The community was moved to a new platform this winter and the members were not happy. And the direction of things as a whole turned to trying to have content that matched the hot trends on Google, rather than generating content that could become a hot trend -- that is heavily searched on Google. The work became less fun, traffic to the community declined. Then came the inevitable and I, and the other contract managers were terminated. My last day was today.

In the way that these things often are, this is actually a good thing. I am a psychotherapist and a writer and that is where my energies need to be. It always is anxiety provoking when there is a sudden drop in income but we are okay and within 6 months we will be better off than we were. I think the gods were tired of waiting for me to get going on projects I have been sort of working on for quite a while -- now I can't complain that I haven't enough time. A blessing in disguise that is indeed.

So this afternoon I sent my final goodbye email to the remaining folks I worked with and closed my Beliefnet email for the last time. And as I did, after 12 straight days of gloom and fog and rain, look what happened --



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