The designer of Amille was kind enough to contact me and let me know I had rotated the design by one leaf, which was okay but would give a different look. So even though I was almost finished with one end of the center panel, I ripped it out and started it again, this time the right way. She was right. I have now finished the first side of the center panel and am working on the other side --


This pattern is such a treat to knit!

I ordered some nice deep purple cashmere/silk from Yubina for the Queen Susan shawl -- you know, the mega-project that Fleegle and a number of others created the pattern for (see Ravelry for details) and it arrived yesterday. Six thousand yards of cobweb weight yarn. Maybe I will start it this summer. Or maybe not. Stay tuned.

My good friend Pauline made me a couple of beautiful sun catchers for Christmas. We've hung them in the dining room window which gets lots of sun in the morning. The way the prisms make the light play on the walls  play causes no end of interest and delight from the cats. Here is Roscoe intently studying them --


This morning Spike and Roscoe decided to get serious about catching those spots --


All morning I heard the thumps on the wall as they tried to catch them. Isn't it great that they can be so easily amused?

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