Presenting Arabian Nights!

I got her all blocked and in one piece late Friday evening, just in time to wear her to my seminar yesterday. 

And here she is--




I am delighted by the finished stole. The width is perfect at 30 inches. I find that the more usual 20-24" width makes for a wide scarf rather than a true stole. And at 91 inches, the length is also perfect for me. I am short -- just 5'3' -- but I am also wide and the length allows for it to really drape nicely and stay in place while I am wearing it, which I did all day yesterday.

The pattern I knit is an earlier version so thee are some minor differences between mine and what others making it will see. In the original version, the two halves wee to be grafted together, but I just did not have the patience. Susan changed to a beaded three needle bind-off in the final version, which is what I did. If I were doing it again, I would not extend the beads for hat all the way across the stole, but just across the middle section Even so, I like it. The weight of the beads gives the stole a nice heft and I believe also helps keep it in place. 

The pattern is available from Susan of Sunflower Designs or in kit form from Kim of The Woolen Rabbit.

I got many compliments on it. This is one design I will make again. The next one will be in soft gray silk with red beads, I think.

Oh, and the seminar went very well. I think everyone enjoyed it. I had a good time teaching. So for me it was a very good day.

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