Today is our anniversary -- my husband and I have been married for 7 years. We decided several years ago that we have all the stuff we need, so we celebrate each year by choosing a really good restauarant and we enjoy a splurge night out. Saturday we went to Primo in Rockland. And what an unbelievably good meal it was!

What do you do the day after a meal like that? Well, we weren't ready to come down off the culinary heights into mundane food. We got an extra lobster Friday from our lobster guy and we has some beautiful flounder in the freezer from the fish CSF of the summer. Sooo, my husband stuffed the flounder with lobster meat and served it with hollandaise sauce. Sides of roasted purple potatoes, heirloom tomatoes and cippolini onion completed the dish. And I must say, it was fabulous! All the ingredients, except for the capers, were local. And see how our local free range eggs made the sauce such a vibrant yellow.


Tomorrow a pictorial inventory of my WIPs. And for Courtney, a recipe.

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