The promised progress report --

This wonderful red remains as tough to photograph as ever but here she is -- I am within 45 rows of the center motif on this half and if I make myself stick just with Medea, I'll finish in a week or so --


If you look back, you can see that the coor is much deeper and richer than this shows.

And the Spring Mystery Stole --


These are the two I have been giving the most attention to. But in my mind, oh my, I have several others started!

Last night the Celtic Festival brought us fireworks. People started gathering on the Common in early evening -- couldn't ask for a more lovely place to sit out on the grass on a warm summer evening. 


Kids rolling down the hill


Beautiful boats in the harbor 


Big billowy clouds 



And finally the fireworks --



So if I have to listen to hours of Celtic music in order to have an evening like that, well, it's worth it.

Oh, and the barbeque is great!

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