The remnants of Hanna showed up yesterday -- look how brooding the sky was already in early morning

                       Sept 6

It rained hard all night but had stopped when I got up today. The clouds were still thick, but have pretty much moved out now.

                       Sept 7

It's warm and windy, but the color of the grass and leaves speaks of the oncoming changes of fall.

I have been working away on SlowBee II -- what a pretty pattern! And this conweb weight cashmere/cotton is lovely to work with and touch. I have just finished clue 4 --


And Eve's Temptation is coming along. I think I have a pretty good idea about how I will make the transition into the center motif and plan to work on charting that this week. 

I love the sinuousness of the edge --


And the play of the bottom and then the main pattern with it's suggestion of trees


Last night, I ran across some interesting possibilities for scarf patterns and maybe next week I can play with them a bit to see if they will work. So the knitting and thinking about knitting continues unabated.

We don't get our CSF fish this week -- they called yesterday to say that because of the remnants of the hurricane the boats were not able to go out so we end up getting one more week of fish (this was to be the final week). This is such a terrific program! We have already told them we want to have a ful share for shrimp season -- the tiny Maine shrimp that are caught in the winter are absolutely sublime and we always buy a lot and freeze to enjoy the rest of the year. And certainly next summer we will sign up for a full share on the ground fish as well. As it is, we have had marvelous fish and have been able to make fish stock to freeze, plus had extra fish to freeze so we will be able to enjoy it into the winter.

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