Project Spectrum 3

I was thinking about Project Spectrum 3 this morning as I walked around the house. One of the things my own From My Window project -- a photo every morning from my dining room window -- is teaching me is about how and what I see. It is giving me the opportunity to look more deeply into what catches my eye and to reflect on why. 

Someone who was looking at my series asked me why I wasn't using my zoom to hone in on details in the view. Well, I had to think about that because I had made the decision not to zoom and I didn't know why. Then it came to me that the project is about what I *see*, with my eyes as I look out. And I just don't have a zoom feature on my eyes. So what I take is what I see, as closely as my camera can capture that.

And as I look at the pictures, I am amazed by the light and by the shifting color, even in the winter landscape, generally assumed to be drab. The soft bits of pink and lavender that the rising sun gives, the blue of the water and the snow.

Color -- I love color! One of my brothers is a painter. In the ways that kids do, unconsciously, we chose different strengths to develop so I left art to him. Years later, when I was in my early 50's, I decided to take a painting class. I did not discover any latent talent as a painter, but I *loved* buying paints -- tubes of watercolor and oil paints. I still remember the color Opera with great fondness. And the reds -- oh my!

Beads and yarn have become my color obsessions these days. I seem to have to put beads into the lace I knit. So I have been buying them in different color families. Because, you know, I never know when I will *need* them.

And today, the light and the beads came together and caught my eye.



Now off to work. My dream group is coming this afternoon and we will bathe ourselves in the images of dreams.

© Cheryl Fuller, 2007. All  rights reserved.