Quick look

This morning is for quick looks --

First at the garden. We have been getting some rain almost every day for the last week or so. And in between showers, sun and warm temperatures. So the garden is going crazy!

Here is the tomato jungle in the lower garden --

                  tomato jungle 

And the winter squash --

                  winter squash

Th Jaune Flamme tomato, which is in a container up close to the house, is covered with clusters of fruit --


And a quick look at how I begin to work on a design. Eve's Temptation is undergoing a change. I am not an artist so I make scratchy drawings like this -- note the exquisite detail


and then I start playing with stitches and combinations of stitches. And then a swatch. Then the gazillion hours of attempting to chart it. THEN knitting.

Spike surveys this and suggests I get to work -- lots to do today.


© Cheryl Fuller, 2007. All  rights reserved.