Remember what I said a while back about the perils of succumbing  to the seductions of warm days in March? Well this is what I saw out my window yesterday morning -


And right now it is 23F -- 16 with the wind chill. Spring? HA!

I continue to make progress on the pink thing -- just 24 rows to go and 9 weeks to do them in. So I know I will finish in time for my friend's birthday. Which lets me think about my suppressed desire to start something new.

And that takes me to this gorgeous red silk laceweight yarn I received from Colourmart this week --


And I have 3000 beautiful yards of it! One possibility that draws me is this fan shawl, written for a heavier yarn but I am comfortable trying it with mine on smaller needles


The red is such a pretty color and the yarn has a lovely shine to it, so I think  it would look terrific in a relatively dense lace like this. I think I will play with it a bit later today.

Moe feels that such things need a lot of contemplation, which he does with wild abandon on my lap. 


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