I am a restless knitter. And these days I am so wanting to start something new. I look at the cones of yarn from Colourmart and they sing out to me -- Casablanka! SlowBee2! Unst! But I resist, at least for now, and remain steadfast in my determination finish Medea before beginning anything new. But it is so very hard to resist -- that lilac cashmere is so yummy and I have the perfect beads for it and that midnight blue cashwool would be so wonderful and...

Must       focus        on       Medea!

Maybe thinking about something else will help --

Garlic scapes have been in available at the farmer's market for a while. We tried them for the first time last year and made pesto from them. Scapes are a thick green shoot that comes up from the middle of hard neck garlic. The growers usually cut them off in order to encourage the development of the garlic bulbs. They have a pretty intense garlic flavor with a kind of green note to them. To make the pesto, I cut the scapes, after removing the bud part, into short pieces and puree them with walnuts and lemon juice. Then I add olive oil and grated parmesan cheese. A nice garlicky pesto. Just right for making pizza, with feta and olives, which is what we had for supper last night.


I think my beaded lace class starts tomorrow -- I must check today and make sure. That means I need to print out copies of the pattern, outline what I want to cover, get together examples to show. The only knitting class I have taken was one on how to knit continental style at Martha Hall around 20 years ago. I am almost completely self-taught as a knitter and until I helped to start my knitting group a couple of years ago, I really had little contact with other knitters. 

The notion of a knitting community first opened to me 10 years ago or so when I first discovered the Knitlist. I can't say I learned anything from my time as a member but it made me aware of a huge community of people who like to do something I had always enjoyed alone. I subscribe to several lace knitting groups though I mostly lurk -- even online I am pretty introverted -- and I read *lots* of knitting blogs. So I feel like I am part of a community albeit a pretty quiet member.

And my mind drifts to Sharon Miller's Wedding Ring Shawl -- I have the pattern. I have appropriate yarn. Maybe that one is one to start? 

Okay, I need to get some work done on Medea before I see my patients. 

The harbor this morning --


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