Restless Knitter Syndrome

I am afflicted today. Arabian Nights occupied me for these last weeks and I was totally faithful to her. And now that she is finished, I don't know what to do next. 

I have this beautiful cashmere/silk from Colourmart --


but I was thinking about using it for Secret of Bad of Nauheim, which hasn't started yet.

And there is this, equally beautiful wool/silk from Colourmart --


I've been thinking about it for Dem Fischer Sin Fru, but I don't really want to start it yet.

Or there is this gorgeous deep red cashmere/viscose from Colourmart --


I don't know yet what I want to use it for.

What I really really want to start is another Arabian Nights. That's right, another one. This time in some deep navy silk from, you guessed it, Colourmart, and use red beads. I started it last night, but the red beads I have are not very good quality, not as good as he ones I had for the one I just knit. So, I ordered enough silver-lined flame red beads from Foxden -- so no starting again until later this week.

Which leaves me with working on something already in progress. So I picked up my blue DK silk, from you-know-where, and I'll work on it until the beads come.


Restless Knitter Syndrome -- is there a cure, other than silver-lined flame red beads and Arabian Nights?

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