See what I saw!

The only picture I have today is one I borrowed from  a wildlife site because I didn't have my camera at hand when I saw a guy like this one --


That's an ermine, folks! I saw a flash of white in the lilac next to my window and saw one running down a branch toward the ground. I Googled here and there and everywhere and found that indeed they are native in Maine but not seen all that often. And I got to see one, right here in Belfast. And I live right in town, within sight of Main St.

I didn't have a chance to photograph the lovely Arabian Nights  while the light was good. Because I am making a longer version, there won't be new design elements to see for a while, but I will get a photo for you to see tomorrow.

The new HBO series In Treatment starts tonight, something I have been looking forward to. It will run 5 nights each week, and is about a therapist, his patients and his own therapist. I plan to post my thoughts about each episode the day afterwards. Click on JungAtHeart above if you want to follow along.

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