She's got me

Medea -- she's got me. I am becoming a woman obsessed with this stole. 

Working this design out is a new thing for me. I am used to being able to intuit my way, to "see" what I want something to be, how I want to shape a piece of writing for instance, and then it just happens But this is different. I cannot see it as a finished product in my mind. This is a journey to an unknown destination. ll I can do is start with basic parameters -- how long and how wide and what shape and then step by step find and put together the pieces. 

So last night I laid out the beginning -- decided on an edging, at least for now, and the bottom motifs. Then the number of stitches and repeats of each motif. I can't see how it will work without knitting it -- the graphs don't tell me enough, don't let me see how the color and texture and stitches work together.

As soon as I got home from teaching this morning, I sat down and cast on for the first look. I used a beaded cast on -- here it is just started P1030772

I don't have anything other than a few rows of garter to serve as a base for the columns that will come next. And the fluted lace that Denise found ended up not looking column-ish enough for what I was hoping for, so I am back with what I tried originally for that. Maybe someone knows of a fluted column pattern that suggests corinthian columns? And I still want to work out something that suggests maybe acanthus leaves at the top of the columns, but I have a ways to go before I am there.

My daily photo sometimes catches extraordinary beauty. Yesterday was such a day. 

Apr 23

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