Slogging along

Every time I knit a triangular shawl I remember why I hate knitting them -- these long rows at the end are maddening. Stoles, besides being a better choice in general for me, have the tedium of length but at least it is easy to measure progress.

So here is where I am today with Aeolian -- about 9 rows from the end. And that will take at least 2 days.


Look closely and you will see that I substituted an 8/0 bead -- the rest are 11/0 and smaller -- for the nupps in this last part. No more nupps for me!



We have the garden almost completely planted. We mostly buy our seedlings locally but occasionally we are unable to locate a variety that we really want to try so we order them. Like these hot yellow peppers that we got from Burpee. I didn't know we could buy seedlings from them but they have a fair variety available and they ship them in these plastic packs so they really do not get damaged. Yes, I know, plastic bad. But still...

As you can see Spike is intrigued --


And finally look who has been visiting our lilacs -- a hummingbird! This is a quick shot and not the best --


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