Snowflake Peacock

I said the other day that I had started this pattern. And I must say it is really pretty --



You can see here I have completed the first chart. I am using *lots* of beads in it, so it sparkles. And I am remembering why I like stoles so much as the number of stitches in this shawl increases so that it now takes forever to complete a row -- and I am not at the halfway point yet!

I need to get back to work on Eve I and complete the tree motif chart. That will be a task for this weekend. I'll have lots of knitting time as I have to plow through the book my book group will be discussing Monday. Figures I would wait until the weekend before to start it -- not that I procrastinate or anything like that! The book? It is The Condition by Jennifer Heigh.

Thanks to everyone who commented about Ravelry. I may have left the wrong impression -- I do like it a lot as a way to see how others have realized a particular design and to look for patterns. Where it does not click for me really is the social part of the network, the connecting with other knitters in person as well as online, in forming relationships. And I do suspect that is a function both of type -- I am really very introverted -- and age.

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