Son of Bonfire

This post is long on pictures and short on words. I'm working on completing Secret of the Stole1 -- 1 clue left to go -- and listening to Life of Pi, reluctantly but it is the choice of my book group for this month and the meeting is tomorrow evening.

You may remember that I posted pictures of the New Year's Eve bonfire. Well, we left soon after the bonfire got started so we didn't know until later that it had fizzled out after that promising beginning. What do you do when the bonfire fizzles? Well, in Belfast, you have Son of Bonfire or Return of the Bonfire or Bonfire Redux. And that's what happened yesterday at sunset.

Word went out last week for folks to bring their dried-out Christmas trees down to the town landing Saturday around sundown for a bigger and better bonfire. So go we did.

The colors on the water were achingly beautifulsunset1


Here you can see the old fizzled bonfire on the right and the new and improved version under construction on the left -- lots of people, including my husband but not yours truly, pitched in to move all of the old wood over to the new site.


Came 4:30 and time to light the fire --



What do crazy hearty Mainers do at a winter bonfire?


And then warm up by the fire


It was all great fun and so very very Belfast! We went off to a good meal at Darby's afterwards.

Tomorrow we are due for another big snowstorm. Another good day for knitting.

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