Sparkly bits

As I have moved more to cobweb weight yarn, I have become more and more enamored of 11/0 seed beads. They are tiny, no doubt about that. But when knit into lace, they become little sparkly bits rather than bold elements. And that subtlety appeals to me. Now they are not easy to photograph and I can tell you it took a lot of tries to get what I did. So here is a look at them in Slow Bee II --


I wish you could see how they sparkle there, like tiny dew drops.

I don't know what it is but there is in the air a sense that soon it will be quiet here again. Many if not most of our tourists will be leaving this weekend and by mid-week, things will have slowed down and the traffic will be noticeable lighter. Now I must be honest and say that a traffic jam in Belfast is 3 cars ahead of you at the light -- and we have only 3 lights in town -- so I know that for those of you who live in much more congested areas live with more traffic year round than we have in summer. But there is a sense when summer ends, we have the place to ourselves again and then come what is usually the best months before winter. September here is warm without being hot, clear sunny days and beautiful light. Then comes October with the color of the trees. Summer is lovely but it is hard to beat fall here.

The garden has begin to yield big tomatoes --


I LOVE TOMATOES! So there will be much eating of tomatoes in the days ahead.

We're having a quiet weekend. A little of the fall cleaning and Monday a small excursion so I can show my husband more of Maine that he hasn't seen.

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