Spring comes to Maine

It's been a week of working on material for my class, for continuing to knit the 2 versions of the Aeolian shawl, and sneezing. Because although we won't see leaves on the trees for at least 6 more weeks, pollen somehow finds its way up here starting in late March and so I sneeze.

Spring is a slow process here. When I was in college, I remember we would leave Duke  in mid-March and when we returned 10 days later, everything would have burst into flower and the air would be heavy with the scent of magnolia and all the other flowers. But not here on the coast of Maine. Here is the view from my front yard today --


See, patches of ground appearing. And the crows have been busily pulling off twigs from the lilac bush to build their nests.

Further upstream from here, the river is now open with big chunks of ice along the edges.



Now the big news of spring in our house is that we are getting a kitten. We've thought off and on about adding another to our family -- truth be told, I could easily become a cat lady -- but we just never heard about the right one. This past week, a woman from the next town over posted to Freecycle that she had 4 Russian Blue/Maine Coon kittens  for the right home. So I emailed her and I must have said all the right things because in 2 more weeks this little guy will moving in --


No name for him yet. My husband thinks Roscoe to go with Moe and Spike. 

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