Sunday in the park...

One of the nice things about living in a small town in a small state is that political leaders have to spend time getting to know people personally, you know, retail politics. And it's pretty easy to get the opportunity to meet and talk with officer holders and candidates. Yesterday, Tom Allen, who is currently in the US House and is now running to take the Senate seat of Susan Collins, had a picnic in Belfast City Park. Caribbean Night on the Common the night before was hit by a thunderstorm, but yesterday was a perfect Maine summer day.

About 100 people came out to eat yummy sandwiches and other goodies and meet, listen to and talk with Tom Allen. 

It was a really nice way to pass a sunny Sunday afternoon -- with satisfying talk about health care and energy policy and the war and how to make change happen. I'm ready to help Susan Collins move out of the Senate on to other things.

I continue to work on Eve. The lime silk has not yet arrived so I can see how she would be in a slinkier yarn. I remain very happy with the pattern so far. One more progress picture --2767421223_4c973d8cce


We're eating a locally grown meal tonight -- haddock from our fish co-op share, potatoes from a local farm, salad with locally grown greens and our own cherry tomatoes, and blueberry crisp. Mmmmmm!

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