I have been a bit neglectful of this part of my larger blog for some time now. As I have been drawn to larger more complex pieces of lace knitting, progress is slow and not terribly amenable to photography. At the same time, I have watched the overall activity in knitting blogs to have slowed, perhaps because Ravelry makes it so easy to show projects and find other patterns and knitting. In any case, I have been struggling to find things to write about here. This week it came to me -- I think it is time for the sun to go down on this part of my blog. My current plan is to end it on the last day of this month. You'll still find me writing  in the other parts of the blog and from time ti time I will post pictures there. I hope you will follow along there as I muse about my work. And don't forget, HBO's In Treatment starts again this fall and I will be blogging each episode as I have in other seasons. I will also be writing more about the issues surrounding fat and bias, something I started doing this summer. So please join in.

Thank you for being on this part of my journey with me!


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