Talk about sloooow

This designing thing is a slooow process!

As I have tried to find a stitch that suggests Corinthian columns, first there was this --


but I decided I didn't like it enough.

So I looked at other stitch patterns, like fluted columns, but they did't work well either. Then this morning in the shower it occurred to me that maybe a lace ribbing stitch would do the trick. So I did a search and found this lace rib and it looked like it might just work. And I think it will work. But finagling the stitch count and figuring out this and that and another thing took a good part of the afternoon. I've got a start and maybe you can begin to see how it is coming along --


These columns are a lot wider, spanning 20 stitches ad I think ill allow me to make some kind of ornamentation at the top, which of course I have not yet worked out -- because my brain just couldn't do any more figuring today. I also decided to work in the yarn I want the finished stole to be in, so this is 2 strands of Colourmart cashmere/merino/viscose. And I a using a 3.00 mm KnitPicks Options needle.

To get a bit Jungian for a moment, typologically I am an introverted intuitive (INFJ on the Myers-Briggs) and attention to details is not my strong point. My usual habit is to try to imagine something, to see it in my mind's eye, rather than working step by step. I am the kind of knitter who is more likely to fudge a mistake rather than rip out and start again. So this process is a big challenge for me, tossing me right into my least developed functions. Which means working things out takes oodles of time and lots and lots of trial and error.

But I am having fun.

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