The first class went pretty well, I think. Eight eager knitters, none with experience with beads in knitting and most with no lace experience. That's all good. Step by step. I had the foresight to create a swatch pattern this morning before the class. Some things I learned teaching this for the first time --

Class one -- learn to place beads

Class two -- read chart and knit swatch

Class three -- cast on for the scarf.

Catching on to how to place the bead was harder for some than I expected. So this afternoon I will take some photos to use in an additional hand-out I can give them next week. But by the end of he class everyone knew how to place the bead so that is a good start.

I think I have a second group on Thursday evening. The first time through on any course is always a learning experience for all concerned!

The sky this morning was wonderful -- the swirl of clouds looked almost painted on the sky.


Now to get photos of me placing beads

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