Teeny weeny beads

Someone asked me how small are the beads I am using in the scarf I started yesterday. So here is a picture to show you --


The bead on the far right is an 8/0 seed bead, the size I used for the beaded cast-on and throughout the Medea stole. The teeny one next to it is an 11/0 seed bead and is what I am using within the design of the dayflower scarf. It's a much more subtle effect that I like with this fine yarn. I have a bunch of cobweb weight yarn and I will be using the 11/0s with it. 

I FINISHED writing the Medea pattern. I am having a friend proofread it and then it's off to the test knitters. I feel more anxious about this than when I sent my firstborn off to school for the first time!

Spike says all of this excitement wears him out --


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