It's been one of the weeks where the days rush by and here we are at Friday and it's all a blur.

So here's what it looked like when the snow ended --


Yeah, that's about 30" altogether on the ground, 12" from Monday's storm. Today it is warm, 45F now so there is melting. But of course, more snow is due on Sunday. You all may be having signs of spring but it is winter here for at least another 6 weeks. And that's okay.

I haven't done a lot of knitting this week because I have been resting my hands and arms. I started the lace cardigan from Vogue again, this time in eggplant colored merino from Colourmart. And I reaped the harvest of my disdain for swatches. Because I started it 3 times before I got the right size needle. I am using US 3's now and the fabric feels just right. Starting over 3 times means not much to show for my efforts -- the sweater is knit in one piece except for the sleeves, so that's a lot of stitches per row.


I made the 4 row garter edging on the bottom because otherwise it curls too much for my tastes.

I think I'll knit something more delicate and on smaller needles this weekend. And try to resist the desire to start something new.

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