The New begins with the old

Although my hands are itching to start something new -- I have this gorgeous cone of canary yellow cashmere that I plan to make a scarf for my daughter from, just as an example. But I am going to take myself back to a couple of older projects and get them finished.

Remember this --


Eve's Temptation, Take 2? I know the pattern works so now to finish the first half so you all can see it. Then I can make the pattern available. Here's a detail from it:


So I have picked her up again and have been working on her.

And her sister -- Eve's Temptation, Take 1? I just have to rework a bit of the tree and it will be all set also. That shouldn't take more than a couple of days so by this time next week I think I can get it done.

And I have been working on the lace and rib cardigan too :


It has been strange these last couple of days to get up and not take my daily photo. I thought for a while of continuing it but decided to keep it within the bounds I set at its conception -- one year and one year only. I can play with the images and do things with them for as long as I like, but it seems important to stay within the boundary I set. 

I am toying with working through The Artist's Way. And I want to go through my stash and sort it. And knit a cardigan from lace weight. There's plenty to do -- now to choose.

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