The clue phone was ringing...

My husband and I decided to drive down to Rockland for lunch today. We had a hankering for Chinese food and thought we could try the other Chinese restaurant to see if it is any good. The place we went, China Jade, serves a buffet -- that should have been clue number one. The second clue was   that the music playing was classic country -- not Chinese country either. And the final clue that this was not a great Chinese restaurant -- they had macaroni & cheese on the buffet. We counted it as a lesson learned. The mid-coast still needs a good Chinese restaurant.

Still it was a beautiful day. And all over people were out doing things, like this was the day to come out of hibernation. In Camden, one of the windjammers came in -- the first we saw with its winter wrappings removed.


In Bayside in Northport, people were bustling around getting cottages ready to open --


And in my front yard, the lilac buds are swelling --


So despite the decidedly mediocre food, we had a great day.

I am working away on Arabian Nights, 2.0 while I await the arrival of the stitch dictionaries I ordered. When they arrive I will begin playing with possibilities for my Medea stole.

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