The futility of progress pix

Good grief, it takes forever to do one row on Snowflake Peacock. Yeah, yeah, I know I have complained about this before. So progress pictures don't mean much. This is what it looks like now


Yup -- pink with beads.

I am seriously considering knitting #13, the lace rib cardigan in the Vogue Holiday Knitting issue. I will have to size it up a bit, which doesn't look like a problem. I believe I have enough silk in a beautiful cobalt blue to knit the whole sweater and it would be really pretty I think. It seems like I am getting itchy to knit a cardigan. I also look a lot at the pattern for Oblique from last winter's Knitty but I'd have to buy more yarn for it. 

There are more projects in this issue of Vogue that I like than in IK. Maybe it's getting to be time to give up IK. I think I have aged out of whatever is their demographic. 

Today it is not as cold or windy as it was over the weekend. But my photo from this morning says November to me --


The water is so smooth, it looks like ice. 

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