The sun came back!

See, this morning when I got up it was just beginning to break through --

June 21

And by noon, we had sun in earnest. So I thought I'd show you a little bit of what it looks like around the house -- just a little bit.

I planted 3 different cherry tomato varieties in some of the *many* plastic cat litter buckets we have --


They're looking pretty happy, especially now that it is sunny again.

In front we have some rose rugosa that we have been nurturing -- I love these roses which grow wild here. Ours are a pretty double flowered variety and are the fisrt roses to bloom        


We've got some scarlet runner beans too, which were slow to get started, then were attacked by slugs but which are coming along now --


And some hollyhocks--


The vegetable garden is slow -- the tomatoes are fine but we were only recently able to plant the seeds and the peppers -- not much to see now but soon --


Our neighbors' lupines look lovely --P1040671

Now a bit of knitting news -- it looks like I will be teaching a course in beaded lace knitting at my local yarn shop, Heavenly Socks Yarns. I stopped in today to talk with Helen who is enthused. So I sent a description off to her immediately. So once we get dates fired up, I will  design a simple lace scarf. This should be great fun!

It's a lazy summer afternoon here in Belfast -- Moe suggests you join him in relaxing


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