The wheel turns

My husband's mother died on Thursday. We knew it was coming as she had a stroke and was in a coma for her last week. She descended rapidly into dementia 3 years ago and stopped recognizing her children or remembering much of anything more than a  year and a half ago. So in the way that these things are sometimes, it was blessing when the end came.

Flying out to Detroit is not my husband's idea of fun, especially in these days. So, we picked up the car on Friday and this morning *very* early he set off to drive there. He much prefers driving to flying and it gives him time with himself and his memories. He'll be back on Wednesday. So it turns out that the death of the old car was well timed after all.

The sun has returned the last 2 days. Though it was foggy when I got up this morning --                        

                     August 10

So foggy it condensed on the screen --


It has already cleared up and is bright and sunny.

I am working away on Eve's Temptation. My first two versions, or the beginnings of them, didn't please me so here we are on version 3 :


We'll see if this one works out.

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