This is spring????

Look at how glorious it was yesterday when I got up --

March 27

There was sun and melting. By afternoon it was warm -- well in the 40's anyway -- and I saw a couple of boys in shorts and tee shirts having a snowball fight on the Common. There is something delightfully wacky and Maine about that.

And then, this greets me this morning --

Mar 28

It was snowing. And it snowed all day. Not hard, just slow steady snow. Until about an hour ago. 

So don't talk to me about crocus and daffodils. Not for a while yet!

I think I have made my piece with the flame beads. I have a tall red-headed friend who loved the picture I showed her, so I think the finished stole will go to her. She has the drama in her to carry it off.

I am going to make kumquat marmalade tomorrow. Watch for pictures.

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