This will have to do...

I tried and tried and tried to capture the way the little beads twinkle in DayFlower but no luck. You'll have to take my word for it. I have a lot of cobweb yarn so I have been on an 11/0 seed bead buying spree. They are sooo pretty. I'll work tomorrow on capturing some of them.

If you start with knowing I revised my dissertation around 6 times -- not completely of course but at one point I had 7 versions of it on my hard drive. If you start with that, then you won't be surprised that I have already made 5 changes to Medea, thanks to my sharp-eyed test knitters. I keep reminding myself that this is what test knitters are for -- after all it's what I did with Arabian Nights.

So in lieu of sparkly beads, here are photos of roses I picked in my garden today --



We started off foggy today, as we have for the last several days

                     July 1

 REALLY foggy. But by noon, the sun was out and it has been hot today -- we wilt a little here on the coast when it gets up to 85F. I've been hearing loons down on the water every evening and early morning now for about 3 weeks. One of the delights of living here is that we get to hear that haunting beautiful call so often. They nest in the Goose River just across from us.

Tomorrow is a day to work on getting my office ready to be painted, continuing to make corrections to Medea , and of course get some knitting done.     

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