To charge or not to charge

This weekend I worked more on Eve II and I started a little scarf for a friend who lives in Australia. And I got to thinking about this whole pattern thing. When I did Medea, I made the investment in KnitVisualizer because I wanted to be able to make good charts. And KV does that so it is well worth the price. But it does cost more than I usually spend on a piece of software. So, when I finished Medea and released the pattern, I charged for it, as a way of paying for the software cost. And I sold enough to do that.

Now there are designers, like Susan Pandorf and Anne Hanson who design as their work. They are far more prolific than I will ever be and their patterns are deservedly popular. I will never be in that league, as a designer or in volume.

So I have been thinking about making my patterns free in the future. I create them for fun. I don't do many and never will. And somehow giving them away has just started to feel better to me. I will be leaving the charge on Medea because that's only fair to the people who bought it. But any more that I do will be free.

Now, I confess I won't be fretting as much about trying to make them perfect and getting test knitters and all that. I'll do my best to make the charts as accurate as I can and I will happily correct any errors people find. 

So in the next couple of weeks, I will release Eve's Temptation in both versions. I'll make them available here and on Ravelry as free pdfs. I just need to adjust the tree on the first version and verify for myself what I did to start the second.

And as soon as I get it charted, I have a little scarf pattern, based on a motif from one of the Japanese stitch collections, that I will make available. These are the kinds of things I like doing -- because I am not designer enough to invent new lace patterns.

Here's a look at this latest little scarf -- I am knitting it in 2 ply 1/36 cashmere/silk from Colourmart and sing 11/0 seed beads. It is knit on US 1 needles. I need a name for it. Suggestions?


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