You know what sucks? Getting a cold just before a big holiday, that's what. And I am at the beginning of one. Which I got from my husband. I think I will scream if I lose my sense of taste with this. It's just unfair to have that to deal with on top of the coughing and sneezing and nose blowing.

So this afternoon I stayed home instead of going to my knitting group. Every place else in the northeast is getting snow, but it is just gray and cold here -- 14F, wind chill -2F now. We're supposed to get significant snow on Sunday. Which will do nicely.

I have started another slouchy beret. For some reason I am obsessed with finding just the right pattern. This one, February Beret, I am knitting using 2 strands of Colourmart cashmere/silk. I am heartbroken that Richard will not have more of this yarn because it is the softest and most wonderful stuff! I am using 2.75 mm needle and I think I am going to love it. 


Moe is spending the day on my lap, keeping me warm --


Hope you are all warm and comfy too!

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