Unfocused Knitter

Maybe it is the heat or maybe it is the cumulative effect of having been sick a couple of weeks, but I am about the most unfocused knitter I know right now. I have so many lace projects in progress -- and I use that term very loosely -- and yet this week I started knitting the Summit stole from the Spring Summer 2010 issue of Knitty.

I am using some lovely soft silver silk from Colourmart and I love the clever way the pattern works. I have become an expert backwards knitter thus avoiding all the turning of the work to purl. I am not impressed yet with the ends and will need to devise some kind of edging for both ends. And I do miss beads. It's not like I don't have lots of them in other projects but you, the magpie in me just loves the sparklies.

Here is a shot of the sunset here the other day -- fire in the sky


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