Ice Cube Wars

Believe it or not this is a picture of one of those trivial sources of frustration in marriage, at least in my marriage. 


I just went to fix myself a nice tall glass of iced tea. We have SIX ice cube trays. And in 5 of them there remained only a single ice cube. Is it asking too much for my otherwise perfect husband to fill the trays as he uses the ice? 

We have very different ideas about how to handle the ice situation. I maintain that once the tray is no more than half filled it should be refilled. And certainly a tray with one mini cube should never be returned to the freezer without filling. He claims to do so before all the cubes have been used is "wasting ice" -- Neal, the only shortage of ice is in our freezer!! 

So I filled all 5 of them, which ordinarily I wouldn't do because I am just a wee bit passive aggressive about such things and would have taken satisfaction from letting him find all the ice gone. But then where would I be?


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