Wait a few minutes

The old saw about weather in New England, attributed to Mark Twain, is that if you don't like the weather just wait a few minutes. So from below zero and sunny yesterday we go to


It is snowing hard and we are on our way to another foot or so of accumulation. Here on the coast, we don't begin to rival Kim in New Hampshire, but for us this is a lot of snow and a very snowy winter -- over 100 inches so far.

I wound the last of the yarn for Arabian Nights today and I have this afternoon and evening to forge ahead. I am a bit ahead of my schedule now, with just 190 rows left and 12 days to do it -- I am allowing myself a cushion of a couple of days to make certain I have enough time.

Knitting is one of those activities that frees my mind to go wandering and play with new ideas and begin the writing process. I am filled with ideas about midlife and later life and what this time, the afternoon and evening of life means for us and how we can best take advantage of it. So while I knit the stole, I am also knitting together new thoughts and ideas. Like I am seeing a way that Medea can be read as a woman at the crossroads of midlife. And that will give me some fresh material to take to my seminar in two weeks. Instead of Scheherazade's 1001 tales, my Arabian Nights is expanding on the tale of my work.

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