Waiting to start...

While I await the yarn and pattern for Arabian Nights -- have I said how excited I am to be the test knitter? -- I'm bringing other projects up to date.

Today I finished Clue 2 of the Secret Spring Surprise stole -- I like the complexity of this pattern. I still choose to fly without a net, so haven't used lifelines. Probably means I am courting disaster, but it's only knitting. I really like the color of this yarn a lot -- it is so soft and pretty.


I have a couple of other things I will work on while I await the test project -- a cardigan I started in DK silk from Colourmart, some socks of course. I plan to give all of my knitting time to Arabian Nights when it comes. I have downloaded Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth, which is a bit over 40 hours long to listen to while I knit.

Also arriving next week is my new MacBook. My husband's bit the dust and we decided to get a new one for me and give him mine. So by Friday I should have a nice shiny new one, complete with keyboard which has not had the letters worn off. I'll hardly know what to do!

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