Waning Days

Mid- September and the waning days of the harvest from our garden. Yesterday we pulled the beets -- we got a decent yield which makes me very happy. I have converted my husband from a beet hater to a beet lover just by getting him to try fresh beets roasted.

I made pickles over the weekend -- a few of the 11 pints I made of a variation on bread and butter pickles using brown sugar and a bit of worcestershire sauce --


It's a race now between the squash and cantaloupes against the frost -- if frost is late, they'll make it. 

We've still lots of green tomatoes ripening. Basil will become pesto this weekend.

So in a few weeks we'll put the garden to bed. It's been a success.

No new knitting to show today. I will soon be at the point where I begin the border around the center motif. Which means I need to play with the charts for that again to make sure what I want can be done and that I'll like it.

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