What about my stash?

As I read blogs and Ravelry, I start to feel that I should be concerned about my stash -- that I should be focusing on reducing it, on using it all up and trade, sell or give away what I don't use. But years of therapy have made me far less susceptible to the tyranny of the shoulds (thank you, Karen Horney, for this most excellent concept). My stash is not in for much reduction this year. In fact, it may well grow. 

When I was married to my first husband and money was much more plentiful, I could buy yarn with wild abandon. And I did, probably as a way to deal with my unhappiness -- but yarn is better than drink or drugs, right? So I have a considerable amount of high end yarn in my stash, mostly Anny Blatt yarns. Which I am loathe to part with for now because I think I may use it. Like the 20 balls of bouclé wool in dark green -- it could still become something, right? And surely that corrugated ribbon yarn with the gold on the edges can be used in something?

Most of that yarn comes from the days when I knit lots of sweaters. But these days, socks and lace, mostly lace, are what I concentrate on and I have had to develop a stash of those yarns. And I have. Because, you know, what if Colourmart went out of business? What is my favorite sock yarn vendors decided to do something else with their lives? I must have yarn to keep me going, mustn't I?

So you'll see no mention of a yarn diet or stash reduction here. I am hard at work maintaining balance in the universe by growing my stash to counter all the reducing stashes.

Clue 2 of the Spring Surprise is out and will be what I work on today.

And here is a look at what's happening with the amaryllis --


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