What could this be?

As I look outside my windows today, here and there patches of something brown are appearing. We have been snow covered since the first week of December so this is quite startling --


Bare Ground!! Still I remind myself that April was our snowiest month last year.

The two new amarylisses I got this year had moved on to the stage of just leaves I thought. But no -- each of them has thrown up a third flower stalk! I will definitely be getting more of these next fall!



I am still restlessly moving from knitting project to knitting project. I miss the sense of purpose of being the test knitter for Arabian Nights, that extra frisson of excitement that comes with knowing I am the first to knit it. There was no finished version to look at to compare my own work with, so there was a heightened sense of adventure to the whole project. And I really like the end result a lot. So why am I wanting to knit it again?

Well, I will be using silk so the drape and feel of it will be very different. And I may make a modification tot he pattern here and there. It will be a whole new adventure, therefore, not a replication of something already done.

But I must await the arrival of the beads.

Are there patterns you have knit more than once? What about it attracted you?

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