What knitting?

Looking for signs of new knitting? Don't look here -- at least not today! 

Monday, our 13 year old Saturn, which I bought used almost 9 years ago and which has served us very well, decided that it has had enough and the transmission began to fail. I say began to because it's more or less okay on flat roads, but just try to find any in Belfast. So this meant our plans to replace the car had to move into high gear. Which meant we had to A) find a good used car that is not an SUV or truck, and believe me that is NOT easy these days and B) secure a car loan to purchase said car. The stars all aligned perfectly for us. We found a terrific 2001 Subaru Outback with only 86,000 miles and our credit union said they would be happy to loan us the money. So yesterday was spent on the telephone -- working out the details of the loan, putting a deposit on the car, getting an insurance binder on it, getting the VIN number to the credit union. And then, well, we have to sign the papers. Now my wonderful credit union is in Portland. We have been together through thick and thin since my divorce 15 years ago. So they wanted us to come there to sign the papers. But, well, formerly trusty Saturn won't drive there. So they overnighted the papers to us -- we're waiting on them now -- and then we overnight them back. And THEN we get the car. Tomorrow we hope.

And that is why there is no sign of new knitting today.

Oh, and after beautiful sun yesterday, it's back to cool and cloudy and looking like rain so there will be knitting today.

August 6

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