What shape?

I made a start on Dem Fischer Sin Fru --


And I like it. At least I like the yarn a lot. But I am wondering about the shape. I decided to knit it because of the Faroese shape, because I have never knit one in that style. 

One thing I am learning from knitting lace projects is a clearer sense of what I like and what I am more iffy about. I really like stoles -- rectangular wraps. And I know I like them wider than many patterns -- 30 inches seems a good width to me, 20-24" seems more scarf like. And I like generous length -- 84" at minimum, 90 " long is even better. Not because I am tall but because I am wide.

Which brings me back to the faroese shawl. Will I wear it? Or would I be better off using the yarn in a stole design that I really love? That question leads me to place it in hibernation for a while so I can ponder this a bit.

What shape do you prefer? 

I am within sight of the end of the course I have been teaching this term at Senior College. I find Jungian typology interesting but not so easy to teach, so I don't know if I would do this one again. Coming to the end means I can start to think about other projects. And right on top is doing a lot of reading in mid-life to see what other people are doing with it. And then looking at putting something together from a Jungian perspective, probably for women. 

Here's my pile of books --


I seem to need to pull out most everything I might use and have them all piled up when I am working on something. And I have an office but that's not where I do this work. Nope, this work happens right n the living room. I may be a hopeless case.

This morning --

Apr 13

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