What sun?

Yeah, well, the sun on Saturday was a fleeting thing. The last two mornings this is what I've seen from my window --

                     June 23

I have started a pattern for a lace scarf using the dayflower motif from BW second volume. It is never easy for me to get from book to pattern but I did it yesterday, midst some foul language and ranting. I'll post pictures tomorrow -- not enough to show yet. And if the pattern proves to be accurate and good, I'll post it too, for free.

I had a dream last week that felt pretty important. We Jungians place a good bit of stock in dreams, you know. And I decided I wanted to make an assemblage of an element of the dream. In the dream, someone important to me tells me it is important now and then to visit the temple of the green god. So, I knew I wanted first a really nice box. I haven't the skills to make one. So I went to look on Etsy. I searched for a wooden box and ran across the shop of The Happy Woodman. The boxes are lovely. So I ordered one. And it arrived today --


Spike had to check it out of course --


It is just beautiful, everything I hoped for. And even nicer, I got an email from the Happy Woodman's daughter telling me that I am his first customer. I am really touched by that. I hope that you all will go and look at his lovely boxes, and if you, like me, have a thing for boxes, do buy one.

I will be making my assemblage in it and I may show you when I am finished.

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