When in doubt...

When in doubt, post pictures -- I think that will be my motto.

I spent most of yesterday wrestling with the charts for Medea. It would be easy except for one little thing -- the crown of glory is a pattern with decreasing, then increasing stitches, which means those "no stitch" squares in the chart. But I have to enter them by hand because otherwise, the software will put them on the sides. And, you know, I suppose it doesn't matter really, because the total number of stitches does vary in those rows, but it just bugs me. And it would be easy if it weren't for the nice diagonals that mark the boundary between the two motifs. And it would certainly be easier if I had the kind of mind that does these things easily, but I don't -- on the MBTI, I have next to no sensation function and boy does it show in these kinds of things! But I will get it eventually -- the charts will get done.

So, in place of amazing progress to report, here are some pictures from my neighborhood today --

This morning the fog was just lifting when I got up-


 And now it is gloriously sunny--P1040344

and GREEN --


Looking up my street -- it's always quiet like this


Closer to the house, the tomato seedlings are waiting to be planted --


And the lilac is filling the house with it's wonderful sweet scent--


Inside the house, as I knit and wrestle with patterns, I look at this, yarn and beads whispering what they want to become, though they must wait their turn-


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