Where did it go?

                       August 22

It always happens this time of year, a day in late August when it is clear and sunny and warm but there is the unmistakeable awareness of fall beginning to creep in. It's the sharp clearness of the air when the wind turns and comes from the NNW. And the golden tint the light takes on. That faded and almost tired look of the leaves on the lilac just outside my window. The sound of the crickets. And here and there a branch on a maple already blazing red. Summer is winding down.

The silk I have been waiting for arrived Tuesday. It is a pale olive, more like sage. A lovely color. I wanted to see how Eve looked in it so I cast on and knitted one repeat on the bottom motif.               

I did it on 2.5mm and even that might be too lose, though it is hard to tell without more length. It is a slinkier fabric of course but this color is too subtle for what I wanted. I think I will use the yarn for something a bit ethereal.

A couple of days away from Eve in the DIC Baby, and I like her more. Familiarity may have been breeding contempt. I like the beading I am doing and they will give a nice drape to it.



Love those little trees!

And, I have been working on finishing the Dayflower scarf as I have been invited to submit it to the Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar for 2010. 


I think I will try to create a number of scarf patterns like this one -- a single motif, beaded -- nothing as complicated as Susan Pandorf's, but patterns that someone who wants a reasonably quick and not very difficult beaded lace project can do. 

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