Where I have been

I haven't really been away at all. But I have been busy. Because I finished up a revision of a paper that I have been working on forever -- well, 4 years anyway. Being a clinician means there is no  pressure on me to publish but I came out of a program that pushed us to be "conceptual leaders". It took me a long time to find concepts I wanted to lead. So my list of publications is *extremely* short, in fact nothing since a couple of papers that flowed from my master's thesis and that, my friends, was a long time ago.

But I have been intrigued by Medea and Medea as an archetype for 10 years now. I did my dissertation on her. And this paper, looking at how she is changed in feminist versions of her story, has been on my mind and in the works for 4 years. And I finally finished it, sent t to several trusted readers, made a few changes. Ruminated about it. Read and re-read the submission guidelines. Asked and re-asked my readers if my paper fit them. And then finally I sent it in to Quadrant, which is a Jungian journal. I have no idea how long it will be before I hear anything. And even though my readers liked it and think it is good, I am keeping my expectations low. But it is a big personal milestone for me.

So there hasn't been a lot of knitting.

I always know it's almost Thanksgiving because my Thanksgiving cactus blooms


It's been cold here today -- when I took my morning photo it was just 19F, 12F with the wind chill!

                     Nov. 20

*Now* I can get back to knitting!

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